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Stand-Up Clip (NSFW) #1

A short clip from a set on growing weird in Dublin's Laughter Lounge

Stand-Up Clip (NSFW) #2

Another short clip from a set on why the Irish curse so much

Acting Show-Reel

Some of the TV shows and adverts Tom has been in.

Buckshot Pod Ep 46 - Eric Lalor

I sit down with Dublin comedian/actor Eric Lalor for a natter over some tea and biscuits in his kitchen.


Tired of all the "bbq king" pretenders Tom uses his Weber Kettle grill to smoke babyback ribs for 5 hours and show everyone who the bbq king is!

TV3's Six O'Clock Show

This Episode of The Six O'Clock Tom is on to talk all things panto and stand-up comedy with Ray Foley and Muirrean O'Connell (from 15min 30secs)