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Stand-Up Clip – I Love Galway

A short clip from a set RTE’s Laughter In The eyre, Filmed In Galway

Stand-Up Clip – Belfast Lights

A short clip from a stand-up gig I did in the Limelight Belfast

I Think I’m A Culchie – Sketch

After spending some time on the internet, TJ from Donnybrook realises that the person inside him doesn’t fit in with the world around him.


Colin Geddis Ep 182 – Buckshot Podcast

This week I’m joined by one of my good mates, the powerhouse of comedy and podcasting Colin Geddis.


Tarquin Meets Damo – Damo & Ivor

Tarquin meets Damo confusing him for an in-costume Ivor

Virgin Media – Ireland AM

I had a great laugh on with the lads Tommy Bow and Alan Hughes to chat about my new tour as well as our move to the country.